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Common Instagram Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Posted on: May 22, 2018



Let’s look at some Instagram marketing mistakes you might be making and how to fix them.

1. Only using hashtags that highlight your shop, not your target customer

Hashtags shouldn’t describe your product or be used like Etsy tags – instead, use them to describe your customers’ lifestyle + interests.

FIX: Add relevant hashtags that your customer would search, in addition to the community/popular based hashtags.


2. Posting sporadically or taking long (unannounced) breaks

Make a commitment to stand apart and be consistent. If you’re posting randomly a few times a week and then take a break for two weeks, they’ll probably lose interest or may even think your shop closed.

FIX: Create a social media strategy and go in with a plan.


3. Posting poorly lit/blurry shop or product photos

Blurry photos give message you don’t care for your shop. In heavy visual world, it sends a less than favorable impression. No one wants to shop in a cluttered, dark place – in person or online!

 FIX: Clean + bright!


4. Using text heavy sale or promotional graphics

This one may be controversial, but unless you have very cohesive, branded collateral that fits your overall feed and look – don’t create text-heavy graphics showcasing your upcoming promotions. After all, Instagram is a very visual platform and as it turns out, we are highly visual human beings – 93% of our communication is non-verbal

FIX: Use creative imagery or branded collateral that is consistent for your overall feed.


5. No link in profile

Ultimately, all the followers in the world won’t mean anything unless they’re driving business. Don’t get caught up in the numbers – your bottom line is the real end game.

FIX: Add a link to your profile. This is the ONLY place Instagram allows clickable links so take advantage!


6. Using your homepage or blog landing page as your main link

Typically we’re told to put our main website or shop link, makes sense right? But I actually encourage you to be specific. Choice overload is a very real thing, so when confronted with your entire homepage and all the options, they may just bail since they were just looking for that one dress you posted about.

FIX: Include a link to a specific page that relates to your current imagery.


7. Not taking advantage of geo-tagging

If you’re a small business, working out of your home, we don’t recommend sharing that location. But it can be a powerful addition and an easy add, plus – Adweek shows posts that use geo-tags get 79% more engagement.

FIX: Share locations from your favorite spots!


8. Setting your account to private

FIX: Adjust your personal account to your comfort level or create a new business-only account.